Colleges and COVID- How Schools are Adapting


College admissions processes have had to adapt to the COVID-19 circumstances.

While the fall semester might mark the very beginning of high school for incoming freshmen, it holds a completely different meaning for seniors – a season of college applications, campus visits, and standardized tests. 

The class of 2021, however, is having to experience this process under a whole new set of circumstances. With COVID-19 pushing many students online due to school closures, both at The Village School and across the nation, the college admissions process has had to adapt to one of the largest logistical challenges it has ever faced. Many admission boards cancelled standardized testing requirements over the summer and have also moved college recruitment visits and counselor meetings online. 

Recently, more than twenty universities and colleges across the world have ‘visited’ Village seniors online, sending college representatives to discuss with students and introduce their schools through online visits via the video service platform Zoom. 

“I’m really appreciative towards the efforts the college counseling team has made this year,” said senior Duaa Naveed, who has attended several online college visits. “Despite all extenuating circumstances, they’ve really pulled through and been able to secure a lot of the college online visits that have been able to provide us topical information on a timely basis.” 

Conferencing with college counselors have also moved online, allowing students the flexibility of meeting with them anytime and simulating the traditional experience. 

Some upcoming college visits include University of California Santa Barbara, Goldsmiths University of London, and Babson College. Seniors are encouraged to sign up for the events via Naviance.