20 things to do during this quarantine (Dorms edition)

We are here, stuck at the dorms with nothing to do! Here are some ideas of what you can do to get out of daily monotony.  

  1.  Do a puzzle, the more pieces the better!
  2.  Clean up your room.
  3.  Think about what you want to do during the summer; it’s always fun to plan your vacations!
  4.  Watch a film!
  5. Look at yourself in the mirror, and try to make a self portrait!
  6. Create a short story.
  7. Get some exercise!
  8. Take advantage of every single dorm-event!
  9. Get into the good old video games (just don’t over do it).
  10. Watch the sunsets; these are true beauties!
  11. Gather some people, and play some table games.
  12. Try to get to know somebody you have never talked to.
  13. Read a book.
  14. Start watching a TV show!
  15. Challenge somebody to play pool or ping-pong!
  16. Go for a walk; sometimes, all it takes to free the mind is a little bit of peace.
  17. Learn a new skill, just for the sake of it!
  18. Go play some sport.
  19. Play an instrument!
  20. Think about how you are going to pack your things up for when you leave.