VHSMUN Wins it All at HAMUN (for the third time)


VHSMUN team assembled together for the HAMUN awards ceremony.

A tense silence floods the auditorium, fingers cross, hearts stop, and then… Village delegates erupt into celebration. The Village High School Model United Nations team had just won Best Large Delegation at the Houston Area MUN conference for the third consecutive year on Friday, February 3, 2023. 


HAMUN is the oldest Model UN Conference in the southern United States and one of the largest conferences in Texas and the Southwestern United States. The conference was created in 1975 when a Memorial High School world history teacher, Andrea Flynn, decided to create a simulation of the United Nations as an educational program for Houston high school students. From its small pool of 18 student delegates, HAMUN has grown to include many high schools in the Houston area and throughout Texas. Today, over one thousand student delegates attend the conference.


The individual awards from Village are as follows (Best Delegate is 1st place, Outstanding Delegate is 2nd place, and Honorable Mention is 3rd place): 

Joao Guilherme Borges Herry as Angela Merkel, awarded Best Delegate in the European Union Council (Specialized Crisis Committee)

Aditi Ramesh Iyer as Muhammad Mansur Ali, awarded Best Delegate in the Bangladeshi Liberation War (specialized Crisis committee)

Angeli Zhao as Chile, awarded Best Delegate in General Assembly Plenary

Jay Natarajan as Germany, awarded Best Delegate in SOCHUM 

Osarieme Mike Irabor as Germany, awarded Best Delegate in WHO

Tanmay Rai as Germany, awarded Best Delegate in CSTI

Aryan Shah as Albania, awarded Best Delegate in NATO

Caroline Hsu as Lebanon, awarded Best Delegate in OIC

Mauricio Espinosa as Chile, awarded Outstanding Delegate in SOCHUM

Eddie Wang as Germany, awarded Outstanding Delegate in SPECPOL

Nirav Mandhani as Germany, awarded Outstanding Delegate in Legal 

Selina Zhang as Germany, awarded Outstanding Delegate in Legal

Darsh Jaganmohan as Norway, awarded Outstanding Delegate in NATO

Alexander Ilacqua as Brothi, awarded Outstanding Delegate in Harappan Collapse (Specialized Crisis Committee)

Daniel Itkins as Zoran Milanović, awarded Outstanding Delegate in European Union council (Specialized Crisis Committee)

Hanaa Salemi as Armenia, awarded Honorable Mention in DISEC 

Rohan Bendapudi as Senegal, awarded Best Research in UNFCC

Eshaal Merchant as Syria, awarded Best Research in OIC

Tanmay Rai as Germany, awarded Best Research in CSTI

The Secretariat (leadership team), Osarieme Mike Irabor (12), Caroline Hsu (12), Darsh Jaganmohan (10), Aditi Ramesh Iyer (12), Parth Gupta (12), Alexander Ilacqua (12), Jay Natarajan (12), Daniel Itkins (12), and Rohan Bendapudi (12), alongside advisor Mina Petrolito pictured with their Best Large Delegation award.