Newly Formed Volleyball Team at Village


The Village Volleyball club playing sand volleyball.

According to, Volleyball is the world’s sixth most popular sport, but there appears to be a significant gender imbalance in the US between men’s and women’s participation due to their lack of access to this female-dominated sport. Internationally, the USA does not hold the same regard to the sport as other countries. “When I was in middle school, I went to an international school in Beijing, China where I played volleyball for two years – it was from this where my passion for volleyball was born,” said senior Thomas Chin, Co-president of The Village Volleyball Club founded in 2021. “However, after moving to the United States, I have not been able to play the sport as a team.” Possibilities for high school kids to play volleyball are not available in many cities, and one of the few opportunities as a male is most commonly seen in clubs, highlighting a significant prejudice in the individuals who are given the opportunity to compete in the sport. This could be a primary reason for the lack of a team presented in schools. However, Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 stipulates that regardless of gender, students must be presented and supported in an equal manner in educational settings and opportunities. In most cases, the absence of a team is attributed to a lack of interest. 


This brings up the question: How can we bring improve representation of the sport? Thomas Chin and senior Resul Ovezov have the answer. He, along with a multitude of other high schools have started to create their own opportunities to learn the sport. “Through the club (The Village Volleyball club), we hoped to increase the popularity of men’s volleyball,” said Chin. “That being said, it is extremely exciting to see so many new incoming members of the club interested in playing volleyball.” Resul Ovezov and Chin continue to push for more athletic opportunities that the Village School does not provide with their volleyball club and newly created competitive team for boys.


“The course of our season is unpredictable as there will be many issues with forming this new team (The Village High School Boys Volleyball team),” said Chin. “However, we are excited to start this new tradition at school and hope that it will carry on past us.”