End of the Year…Exam Time!


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The 2022-2023 school year is officially coming to an end here at The Village School. This means that all testing for grades 9-12 is coming up or has already begun. This year, The Village School has incorporated a new big test aside from the IB exams, AP exams! Students in AP classes, such as AP calculus and AP history, completed their AP mock exams in April  and are now preparing for their final exam in May. “They are both grueling tests with quite a lot of content, both featuring similar duration of testing,” said Angeli Zhaojao, a junior Math IB AA HL student who has taken her first AP calculus BC mock, when comparing the two curricula. Some students have been switching to the AP curriculum instead of IB. “I prefer to continue IB because I have already made it this far, and I would like to see my efforts come into fruition,” Angeli explained, justifying her decision to remain in IB. Additionally, IB courses are known to offer great academic preparation, increase acceptance rates to prestigious universities and improve students’ strategized and independent thinking skills. Angeli noted that The Village School should continue the mock exams to help prepare students for the real exam and learn how to pace themselves. Lastly, she goes on to say how IB mock exams are slightly more challenging than the AP exams because IB is a two year course. “Ultimately, it depends what the student is better at if they decide to challenge themselves in the courses they take for both IB and AP,” she said. Along with AP exams for juniors and sophomores, seniors are now taking the final IB exams and all students except seniors are preparing for their finals taking place in two weeks. Good luck to all our Viking students on all of their testing!