Viking Carnival: Let’s Rodeo!


[From left to right Xing Chng (11), Minh Nguyen (9), Nuha Farooqui (11), and Zoe Ponthier (9)] performing at the Viking Carnival.

On Saturday, February 29, The Village School hosted its annual Viking Carnival: Let’s Rodeo! Filled with pony rides, carnival games, amazing BBQ, and performances, this is one of the most lively events that takes place in the spring season.

Throughout the day, kids and adults play carnival games, spend time with friends and family, and even ride or pet the animals there. Many also stepped in to get some service hours while having a good time.

“They had nice music, and the contests and games were amazing,” said sophomore Zoe Gunter, a volunteer at the event. “I found volunteering was really fun. There were these kids who kept coming back to my stand to play tic-tac-toe, and seeing the smiles on their faces made my day.”