Scholastic Art and Writing Winners!


Self Portrait by Adam Nomanbhoy, Silver Key Recipient.

After months of hard work and anticipation, the winners of the Scholastic Art and Writing competition have finally been released. The Village School is proud to announce that over 50 middle and high school students have received keys and honorable mentions in the competition. 


These students all worked extremely hard in prepping their artwork and writing, many having been created during class time, and other pieces completed outside of class—there was a huge variety in all of the amazing works that were submitted. 


“This was my fourth year participating in the scholastic art and writing competition,” said sophomore Esha Garg, recipient of an honorable mention and silver key. “This year, I submitted a short story titled ‘The Mango Tree’ and a poem titled ‘After.’ I loved writing ‘The Mango Tree’ since it allowed me to research more about the Indian culture and Indian markets.”


“I’m always happy to see our students included in these types of things—it’s a great way for students to get the experience,” said Max Manning, a fine arts teacher. “I like to see that students are doing exploration outside the regular curriculum of art.” 


This competition had a wonderful outcome for many who were awarded honorable mentions, silver, and even gold keys. But at the end of the day, Scholastic Art and Writing is not about winning at all.


“It’s ultimately a good thing to celebrate students and to celebrate them just making artwork,” said Manning. “I always tell students that ‘if you win, you should really be proud, but you should also just be proud if you entered at all.’” 


Congratulations Scholastic Art and Writing participants!