A Novel College Application Season Draws to a Close


The college acceptance board that sits in the college counseling hallway boasts many early acceptances for the class of 2021.

The new year has brought many things: a fresh start from 2020, the first spring semester of virtual learning, and, for seniors, the end of the college application process. With most college applications closing earlier this year, many seniors feel both relief, joy, and anxiety knowing that a college application season riddled with COVID-19 complications and unfamiliar territories has finally ended. 

“It’s a relief knowing that it’s all over,” says senior Duaa Naveed, who turned in her final application but is still awaiting interviews. “Now all we have to do is finish up the interview process and await decisions coming out.”

Regular decision announcements are expected to be released beginning in late March and continuing through until May. Alongside this, many seniors were recently accepted into their early decision or early action schools, with many universities revealing these acceptances in mid-December.