Prank Encounters


Bec Heim

A Netflix advertisement for the show ‘Prank Encounters’ 

Prank Encounters is a comedy show that is based on, as the name would suggest, pranking people. The founder of the show is Gaten Matarazzo, who also plays Dustin Henderson in Stranger Things. Prank Encounters first debuted on Friday, October 25, 2019, and since then, they have constantly been putting out new episodes. You can watch Prank encounters on Acorn TV, Amazon Prime, AMC+, Apple TV+, BritBox, discovery+, Disney+ and ESPN.

Every episode of Prank Encounters brings in two different guests and sets up a scenario or problem where the two strangers that are getting pranked need to work together to overcome a challenge. These challenges may include solving a puzzle, trying to stay calm, or even trying to survive. One episode I liked was an episode called “Face Fears.” It was about a crazy plastic surgeon doctor who lost his wife in a car crash. He then found a woman who looked like his wife, gained her trust, went on a date with her, drugged her food, kidnapped her, tied her up to his bed and performed plastic surgery on her to make her look like his dead wife. Crazy prank, right? It was such a good prank that they made part 2. 

Overall, I really enjoyed watching these prank episodes, and I will continue to watch them when they release the third season! If you love comedy and jokes, then Prank Encounters is for you.