The Menu, a Top Thriller of 2022


The Menu pulled up on a student’s computer

The Menu is a thriller movie that came out on November 18 starring Anya Taylor Joy, Ralph Fiennes, and Nicholas Hoult, as well as many other talented actors and actresses. The film originally premiered at the Toronto Film Festival in September, and went on to gross over $73 million once it hit theaters in late November. 


The movie starts with a group of many wealthy people, including a couple, Margot and Tyler, getting on a boat to Hawthorne, an exclusive restaurant experience on a private island that is owned by a celebrity chef, Julian Slowik. Once they arrive, the night starts out completely normal; they are warmly welcomed, served, and entertained. When the chef is introduced, it is clear that he is very high-strung and a perfectionist when it comes to his menu. Despite the seemingly normal welcome, Margot seems to have a strange feeling about Hawthorne. Later, the staff makes it clear to Margot that she does not belong there, as the night was planned to perfection and she was not a part of that plan. This just makes Margot even more suspicious. Rightfully so, for as the night progresses, Slowik’s true plan starts to unfold.


I thoroughly enjoyed this movie, the plot was well-planned and the characters were well-developed. The way the main character was able to pull together all the little pieces to figure out the endgame was incredible to watch; every tiny detail, bit by bit, all pulled together to further the plot. Every character meticulously planned – their backstories to help create an understanding of who they are and why they are taking the actions that they are, especially Chef Slowik and Margot.


The dramatization of the movie was so extraordinarily done. The production was perfect, the combination of the music and camera shots gives the film so much more feeling and emotion to it. The actors played their roles wonderfully, creating an even better experience watching this movie. The entire atmosphere of this film makes the viewer feel truly immersed in the story.


Spoilers Below


My personal favorite part of this movie was when Margot figured out how to trick Slowik into letting her leave alive. Earlier in the movie, he stated that he had lost his love for the art of cooking. Margot was able to make up an excuse to leave the dining area, and while she was out, she found a picture of Slowik working at a cheeseburger shop where he looked genuinely happy. She was able to use this to her advantage – she asked him to make her a cheeseburger, and once he did he said that it was the first time in a long time he felt a love for cooking. Due to this, he let her go completely unharmed, while he burned everyone else on the island alive.


Overall I would rate this movie an 8/10. I believe that this film would be the perfect fit for anyone who loves a good mystery/thriller movie. Its only fallback is the ending, where it leaves a few questions unanswered. You can watch the movie for free if you have a subscription to HBO Max or Prime Video.