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Very Important People: The Interviews That You Never Asked For

Episode 2 of Very Important People, featuring Vic Michaelis and Ify Nwadiwe as Denzel. Picture taken by Ella Nguyen on laptop

Have you ever wondered what it would  be like to talk to an extraterrestrial being? Or maybe a French doll that has come to life? Well, even if you haven’t, Very Important People has got you covered! Premiered on December 15, 2023, Very Important People (also known as VIP) is a show produced by Dropout in which comedians are transformed through cosmetics and prosthetic makeup to completely change their identity! Dropout is a subscription streaming service that provides original content and shows like Make Some Noise and Game Changer. Once our retailored improvisers become their new selves and come up with their backstories and characters, Host Vic Michaelis (a fellow improviser) interviews the comedians to reveal to the audience the most interesting facets of their eccentric personalities. 

It’s a simple concept executed to absolute perfection by both the characters and the host.

In the first episode, we meet Princess Emily(Anna Garcia), a European pop star with her more than questionable path to success. In the second we are met with Denzel(Iffy Nwadiwe), an extraterrestrial life form whose lifestyle and strange mission is both mysterious and more plain than it thinks it is. Next is the most surprising guest of all, Vic’s Ex Step-Grandmother(Lisa Gilroy)! She’s as bizarre as she is shady, and makes you question her mental stability. 

Each episode is increasingly unique, challenging what the viewers believe is possible in improv. Just about when you think that they’re going to back down from an increasingly ridiculous act, both the host and interviewee go above and beyond what is considered sane. Not to mention the fact that this level of commitment is relatively consistent throughout their released episodes, although in many different forms: physical brawling, incomprehensible topics, and plot-twisting revelations prepared by the show’s camera and set crew. When concerning the crew’s impact on the interview, this can include asking the comedians to explain evidence from a crime they only then learn they have “committed”. Even though the show could most definitely run on its own, the inclusion of surprises truly adds its own flare to the show.

In addition to the distinguished skill of the improvisers and the comedy that the crew brings, the production quality is simple yet incredibly brilliant, adding to the skits  in various ways. First of all, the set design is warm and tame, not exactly what you would expect from a clearly troubled host and peculiar guests that seek to wreak havoc. This goes into the overall theme of the environment, with feelings of both comfort and professionalism which completely clash. On top of this, the quality of the camera cuts and angles only add to comedic timing and contrast between a regular interview and one with VIP. As the interview progresses and devolves into further chaos, you begin to see how much the host is “trying” to keep the show on track, but only sinks them deeper into the turmoil of complex relationships between them and their subject.

VIP is a greatly well-rounded show, but will occasionally lose the viewer’s attention due to the inconsistent and ever-changing energy-level of each interview. This flaw is relatively unavoidable since it too remains as a quality of the show, with that unpredictability mood making the production what it is.

All in all, Very Important People gets an 8 out of 10 for its fantastic quality of production and special cast. This show really shines light on longer period improv, as much of impromptu content can lean towards the shorter side. It dives into the depths and complexities of character development and eccentric nature in just about 20 minutes of excellent acting and commitment to the art of improvisation. To clarify, this show can be accessed by the Dropout subscription service, and has explicit content. If you are interested in brilliant impromptu entertainment, this is the show for you!

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