Wednesday: A combination of the past and the present


Wednesday Show Poster

Wednesday Addams, the young daughter in the “Addams Family” has been a popular character since the 60s. We get a new perspective on her in Tim Burton’s series “Wednesday” which came out on November 23rd and is currently number one on Netflix charts for the United States. 

The show follows Wednesday after she pulls a stunt at her old school in defense of her little brother, and gets sent to Nevermore Academy, a boarding school for outcasts and misfits, also the school where her parents met and fell in love. She soon discovers that she has physhic powers, just like the original 90’s Wednesday Addams. Throughout her journey we watch her go through ups and downs while still figuring out who she is. 

The show is a perfect tribute to all of the past renditions of this character. In fact, Christina Ricci, who played Wednesday in the 90s, played Ms. Thornhill who is the school’s science teacher and Wednesday’s “dorm mom.” This show provided the audience with a mix of nostalgia and a modern spin on the Addams Family and their history. 

The show has received several 5-star reviews from people all over the world. Viewers have also given glowing reviews to Jenna Ortega, who portrayed Wednesday. She truly dedicated herself to this role and even stated she had to learn how to not blink for long amounts of time to tap into her character’s persona. 

The colors purple and black are very common. The dark palette is a nod to the original Addams Family movies as this is the prevalent theme. Purple seems to be a modern take on Wednesday and her “theme color” when looking at her identity and personality. These colors are both dark and on the warmer tone of things which also sets a tone for the show. 

Overall, this show was a 7/10 and a perfect representation of the beloved Wednesday Addams and had an entertaining plot full of twists and turns!