The Homecoming Game


The Viking’s football team getting hyped before their kickoff. [Photo taken by Alicia Merrifield]

On Friday, October 15, Viking students and families packed the stands to support the Varsity football team with a tremendous amount of school spirit. There were several activities and food options for the Village community to enjoy during the game. The little ones let all of their energy out in the bouncy houses, cooling off and relaxing with a refreshing snow cone from Kona Ice. 

During the game, the Viking football players got some good runs and passes in. As the timer continued to tick, the team began to lose energy despite giving their best effort for a win, and unfortunately, the opposing team ended up barely winning the game. Despite the Vikings’ unexpected loss, it was still a memorable night filled with spirit, colors, and festivity. 

“It made me happy to see and hear everyone get so excited for the kickoff”, said senior Abigail Hendry, a team supporter. The elementary kids on the Vikings Spirit Dance team performed an exciting dance during the halftime period. 

The whole audience in the stands showed their endless support by joyfully cheering on the younger Vikings while they showcased their hard-earned skills. The homecoming game was one of the most special games Village has played in a while due to the global pandemic preventing students from attending in-person sporting events. Students and teachers of the Village community are so excited to be able to gather together again to bring their spirit and support for the American football team.