Vikings Suffer Defeat At Homecoming Football Game


On Friday, September 23, 2022, the Village Vikings football team faced off against Kelly Catholic in our annual homecoming football game. The atmosphere was electric as parents and students filled the stands to support our team. Numerous food trucks lined the parking lot, and the Viking spirit team stood on the sidelines, motivating the fans and the players. 


The game got off to a rough start as Kelly Catholic took the early lead. The Vikings struggled to recover and trailed the visiting team for the rest of the game. During halftime, the Viking spirit team took to the field to perform some of their routines and entertain Village fans who had come out to support. 


Following the performances, the homecoming royals were announced. Among the nominees were Parth Gupta, Margaret Davis, Annika Mukherjee, Yousef Binnaser, Max Kerkvliet, and Cecilia Frigi Rodrigues Rizzi. 


After the final votes were counted, Yousef Binnaser and Cecilia Frigi Rodrigues Rizzi were named as the homecoming royals and took a ride around the field with Mr. Delbrugge. 


“Initially it felt unreal, but with time I realized that a real king is one who goes gym,” said senior Yousef Binnaser when asked about being crowned king. 


After the halftime festivities, the football game resumed. The Vikings fought hard but ultimately suffered a defeat of 55-20. Despite the loss, the game was an enjoyable experience and the atmosphere was great throughout the entire night.