Scholastic Awards

The Village School is touted as a math and science school, however,  the 37 Scholastic Writing and Art awards prove that we are more than that. The Scholastic  awards are given annually to artist and writers who submit pieces and are recognized for outstanding works.


Submissions are judged at a regional level, and the top art and writing pieces move onto to the national stage. The different awards that are given out are the Gold Key, Silver Key and Honorable Mention. Special American Visions and Voices Nominees are “Best-of-Show” awards, given to five works from all categories and grades who earned the Gold Key.


The following students won these awards:


Writing winners: (16 total awards)

Lucia Vicens Acevedo- 1 Gold Poetry

Miran Ahmed – 1 Silver Essay, 1 Honorable Mention Memoir

Urvashi Deshpande – 1 Gold Key short story, 3 Silver Keys Short story
Esha Garg – 1 Gold Key Short Story
Pavithr Goli – 1 Silver Essay
Puneetha Goli – 1 Silver Essay
Daphne Hsu – 1 Silver Short Story

Omar Imtiaz- 1 Gold poetry, 1 Silver short story, 1 Honorable Mention Poetry
Leanne Liaw – 1 Silver Science Fiction

Melanie Menkiti- 1 Gold Short story

Art winners: (26 total awards)

Aditya Agrawal  – 1 Gold Key Photography
Zoe Akinbodunse  – 1 Silver Key Photography
Aya Atwan –  1 Silver Key Printmaking

Yazan Bin nasser-  1 Gold Key Photography
Zoe Birbiglia – 1 Silver Key Painting

Raagini Das – 1 Gold Key-Ceramics & Glass
Gabriela De Castro – 1 Gold Key Fashion, 1 Gold Key Drawing and Illustration, 1 Silver Key Mixed Media, 2 Silver Key Painting

Maye Harris – 1 Silver Key Painting

Daphne Hsu – 1 Silver Key Drawing and Illustration

Divyesh Khatri – 1 Silver Key Film & Animation
Raditya Leutscher – 1 Gold Key Photography

Trisha Narahari – 1 Silver Key Photography

Tran Ngo – 1 Gold Key Drawing and Illustration
Anh Nguyen – 1 Gold Key Digital Art
Elena Qian  – 1 Gold Key Drawing and Illustration

Elena Ribeiro  – 1 Silver Key Architecture & Industrial Design

Sofia Ribeiro  – 1 Silver Key Photography

Griffin Rowe Cohen – 1 Gold Key Photography

Vanathi Selvan – 1 Silver Key Drawing and Illustration

Sophia Smilenov – 1 Silver Key Drawing and Illustration
Zhang Yifei  – 1 Gold Key-Ceramics & Glass
Daniel Zhang – 1 Gold Key Drawing and Illustration