Taylor Swift’s “Eras Tour”


A picture of Taylor Swift’s Instagram post about the first night of tour on a student’s computer

I’m sure that by now, everyone is aware of Taylor Swift’s “Eras Tour.” If not, on the night of March 17th, Taylor Swift commenced her first tour since 2020. Three years ago, the artist was supposed to tour for her popular album, Lover,  in a tour dubbed “Loverfest” but unfortunately, due to COVID-19, this tour was canceled. But in 2023, the singer jumped right back into action, starting off her Eras Tour in Glendale, Arizona with one show on March 17th and another on March 18th

The “Eras” part of the Eras Tour is extremely important to the fans and the artist herself. This tour is called the Eras Tour as it is a homage to all of her past phases and albums throughout her whole career. The artist has had 10 studio albums and has yet to perform all of them in one performance until now. Another huge part of the tour is the set list. Since the tour’s announcement, fans have been waiting, making predictions and giving their opinions on the hundreds of possibilities of what kind of set list Swift would perform. After her first show in Arizona, we got an idea of what is in store for the rest of the tour. 

The set consists of 44 songs in a 3 hour long performance with all of her albums being featured. The show starts with the album “Lover,” most likely due to the fact that her “Loverfest” was cut short. The opening song is “Miss Americana And The Heartbreak Prince” in which she stuns the crowd in a beautiful ballgown before performing another extremely popular song of hers, “Cruel Summer.” 

The show continues with 3 songs from her second studio album, “Fearless.” Next, the artist sings songs from 2 other albums, “Evermore” and “Reputation.” The show then takes a pivotal turn as she performs “Enchanted,” the power ballad from the third studio album, “Speak Now.” It is crucial to note that this is the first and only song Swift sings from this album. Fans speculate it is a way to create anticipation for her rerelease of the album, whereas others seem to think this was chosen due to a time limit. Regardless of the reason, this song is extremely popular and a fan favorite.

The singer then sings popular hits from 3 other albums,“Red,” “Folklore” and “1989.” This is also the first time the album “Folklore” has been sung at a tour of hers, as she released it during the COVID-19 quarantine. Swift performs a different surprise song at every show. At this point in the show, she does just this.Some of the songs that were a surprise so far were “Mirrorball,” “Our Song,” “This Is Me Trying,” “White Horse” and “Cowboy Like Me,” where she brought out a surprise guest, Marcus Mumford, who is a part of the british folk band “Mumford and Sons” After the surprise song, the show continues for two more albums containing 8 songs. After the hit “Karma” from the album “Midnights,” the show officially ends and Swift gives her last remarks to her audience.

“I really love the setlist and I think she made some good choices, but I feel like there are a lot of hidden gems and fan favorite songs that she could have included,” says freshman, Kristina Roux. “I do wish she added more songs from Speak Now but I understand that she probably wants to sing her own rereleases.” “I think Taylor did a really good job at picking songs, but I feel like she didn’t include some songs that have a huge fanbase,” says freshman Maria Antunes, “I hope she includes them in the surprise songs at more shows!”

This stadium tour is making history in this artist’s life and in the industry of music and performances through the production, with her singing and connection to the audience in the show. At the Village School, we all can’t wait for Taylor’s appearance at the NRG stadium on April 21-23!