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Swift Does It Again With The Release Of 1989 (Taylor’s Version)!

“1989 (Taylor’s Version)” displayed on a computer.

The album discussed is intended for mature audiences

On October 27, 2023, Taylor Swift released the re-recording of her album “1989.” Originally released in 2014, this synth-pop record changed her music career as it contrasted with all of her country music persona. Taylor Swift is in the works of re-recording her first six studio albums so she can obtain ownership of the work after a battle with her management over the master rights. “1989” is the fourth re-recording following “Speak Now” “Red” and “Fearless” all released over the past 2 years. 

Not only has this album shown how much Taylor Swift’s vocals have evolved over the past nine years, but it also shows how much her music production has matured. It is a subtle, yet significant feature that changes the whole listening experience. Taking “Clean (Taylor’s Version)” as an example: the mbira, a traditional African instrument, is used in both the original and re-recording, but the quality of sound is heavily different. The mbira is significantly more noticeable in the newer version which enhances the vocals and adds an enhanced electronic production feel.

The most notable difference between the re-recording and the original album is the fact that the re-recording includes 5 songs from the “Vault,” songs that were written but never released. Songs from the vault are included in all of the re-recordings which makes the fanbase even more excited for the rest of the releases. “Suburban Legends”, “Now That We Don’t Talk”, “Slut!”, “Is It Over Now?” and “Say Don’t Go” are the 5 tracks that were released from the vault. 

Suburban Legends

This 2-minute and 51-second song is more than lyrics to a tune; it’s a story. The song follows a passionate relationship and the intricacies that come with it. This song could be seen as a “classic” song from Swift. It has everything! Pop, electronic production, clever lyrics, and an underlying meaning. 

Now That We Don’t Talk

This song is one of acceptance, healing, and nostalgia. It’s a classic “relatable” song for all audiences. This song does sound a little more “techno” compared to the rest of the album which can connect to her past album released in October 2022,“Midnights.” It still has the obvious pop vibe of “1989” but definitely includes more electronic production.


Before the album even dropped, this song was already shocking to fans.The song itself seems like a nod to her reclaiming the term “slut” after being called this by the media numerous times. The media seems to be the main target of the song, how it picks apart her romantic relationships time and time again.

Is It Over Now?

This song is speculated to be about her brief relationship with Harry Styles. It provides detailed traits of their relationship but keeps a self-reflecting and awareness feeling as she understands her motives along with the other person involved motives. This song couldn’t be more fitting for “1989”; it holds the same musicality as other songs on the album including “I Wish You Would ” which again, fits very perfectly with the intended “vibe” and feel of the album.

Say Don’t Go

This song is 4 minutes and 39 seconds which is on the longer side of the “vault” tracks but adds significant emotion and passion to the album. Lyrics like “And I’m yours, but you’re not mine” and “Why’d you have to lead me on? Why’d you have to twist the knife?” give listeners a sense of the raw emotions and intensity of relationships. The question-and-answer format of the song holds a lot of the “pop” vibe which is timely considering it was originally written in 2014, which was, some might say, the peak of mainstream pop music.

Overall, the original songs that were rerecorded sound significantly different, but much more enhanced and of higher quality. The songs from the “Vault” were clever, and relatable and fit in with the album seamlessly. I would say this album is a 8/10 considering the production, lyrics and overall musicality compared to the original album. If you enjoyed the classic pop Swift produced from 2013-2017, this album will be a nostalgic trip down memory lane for you. Swift does it again!

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