2020 TEDEd Village Talks


Hajra Alvi (12) delivering her speech to an audience of supportive Vikings.

On Friday, January 24, 2020, from 6 P.M. to 8 P.M., students of the Village TEDEd Club held their fourth official session of TED Talks. The event took place in the Black Box, curated by seniors Hajra Alvi, Aryan Parikh, and Melanie Menkiti, along with junior Jillian Marty. 

12 speakers delivered their well-prepared speeches, with topics extending from art to music to self-confidence. Not only did the event harbor a spotlight of self-expression, but it simultaneously provided a great platform for advocacy! Furthermore, the event itself was packed with entertainment – one student made a painting as she spoke, and another played his guitar. 

“I love the fact that it is a place where kids can speak their voice,” said senior Hajra Alvi, president of the Village TEDEd Club. “It is a TED principle to have little to no censorship, which we believe helps the kids speak their truth.”

TEDEd Village is commended for hosting this well-organized event, an outlet for the student body to start the conversations that matter.