Scare the TYRs out of You


Haunted house attendees posing for a photo with their costumes in the Black Box Theatre.

On Friday, November 1, 2019,  Tyr House organized the second annual No Fyr Haunted House in the Black Box Theater. It was held to further lift spirits after Halloween and carry on Tyr’s tradition of hosting a haunted house. 

About 30 people attended and 25 signed up to volunteer. Not only did this activity increase house spirit, but it simultaneously opened up volunteer opportunities for many students. 

“Participating in the Tyr Haunted House was really fun,” senior Leyah Mathew, a volunteer and attendee of the event, said. “It was also really nice to see so many students eager to help out, especially the freshmen.” 

The House System is establishing traditions like this to carry on the legacy of each house in the years to come.