Positive Covid Tests Impact on The Dance and Track Team


Tabitha Haskins

Viking’s Elite posing near the beach

Many students at The Village School were sent home to be quarantined, due to positive covid tests. Athletic events were cancelled or postponed as well, especially for the Vikings Elite Spirit Team and Track. 

The Vikings Elite Spirit Team were supposed to have Spring Show this month on April 23rd, however, it got postponed to Friday, April 30th. The dancers are still working hard and staying in shape during quarantine so that they are ready for showtime as soon as they get back. “I’m upset that our team got quarantined, but it’s also good because we have more time to work on our group dances which we choreograph ourselves,” said Iona Macaulay, an officer of the team.

Now with the Track Team, no meets were cancelled since most of the athletes were able to compete. Only a couple of people got quarantined and their running events were cancelled which was upsetting. Although it is a good thing that the meets were still able to go on. Despite this change in athletic events, both teams are still managing well.