Game, Set, Match!


Photographer: Assistant Coach Kelly Marin

At the TAPPS District tournament, the girls were finalists, placing second, and the boys became champions, winning the tournament.

On Tuesday, April 6th, 2021, the Village High School Tennis team competed at the state tournament in Waco, Texas. Three doubles teams and two singles were able to qualify for the tournament by placing at least 4th at districts. The Village Vikings fought hard, with senior Zarek Merchant and junior Balaji Srikrishna making it to the doubles semi-finals and sophomore Anahita Gozalpour placing third in the state.

“The Waco tournament was amazing, the whole team really pitched in to cheer each other on and watch matches,” said Gozalpour. “I loved the sportsmanship shown by everyone and the effort put into every point throughout all matches.” Although Covid-19 did affect the team with mask restrictions, remaining 6 feet apart, and driving to tournaments in their own vehicles, they still made their season enjoyable.

“Everyone did their best this season and we ended up pushing Village to 4th place at state, which will definitely higher the team morale for next year,” said Gozalpour.