Vikings Serve Up the New Tennis Season


A picture of the school tennis courts where tryouts took place.

The week of Sunday, January 10, 2021, students had the opportunity to try out for The Village High School Tennis team. Compared to the following years, the expectations and precautions established were incomparable to any other year. Previous tennis seasons have been composed of a full boys tennis team and a lacking number of girls. However, this time, there were appearances from new talented players.

“Obviously, it was different this year due to the COVID-19 safety precautions,” said junior Gauri Khade, who has been on The Village High School Tennis team for two years, “But in addition, Coach [Eric] said that this is the greatest amount of people to ever try out in four years. It’s great to play with more girls. I thought that maybe due to the pandemic, we wouldn’t even have a team.”

The pandemic has not stopped people from safely maintaining their athleticism. Giving students the ability to safely enjoy playing tennis with their peers and other schools, The Village High School Tennis team has a promising season ahead of them.