Opinion: The #Metoo movement helps women voice their opinions

The origins of the #Metoo movement began as early as 2007, a time in which it was merely alluded to but not yet considered significant. It began when women came together for Tarana Burke’s campaign which aimed to provide support for the victims of sexual harassment and provide women with a resource that they did not have yet. After the case against Harvey Weinstein for sexual misconduct, the movement grew  quickly in 2017 and started empowering women to fight against misconduct. In the past, women had been scared to voice their opinions because they felt like they were being crushed by the pressure of other people, especially their assaulters. It included reasons like women not having enough support and no guarantee that their voice will actually be heard. As a result, the movement has helped them voice their opinions in a larger platform with the support of a worldwide audience, so they are  taken more seriously.

The argument against the Supreme Court justice Brett Kavanaugh was an intense one, as the claims put against him were sufficient to demolish his career.

Senior Daniel Manouvrier said, “Trump and Kavanaugh should not affect the purpose of the #Metoo movement as the movement is only providing women with the support they need to voice their opinions.”

The movement helped and did its job by helping women voice their opinions, for example, through tweets that were seen by a large number of individuals. Which brought a lot of attention to the case as Brett Kavanaugh obtained a very important position in the judicial system.

The #Metoo movement sheds lights on hidden stories, and the hashtag helps stories get to larger platforms via social media and eventually make it on to newspaper front pages and magazine articles, ultimately shining light on the bigger picture of the #Metoo movement.

In the case of Kavanaugh, as soon as these allegations were brought up against him, It received nationwide attention. As well as, more people started to make changes to address the sexual harassments.  This was due to the support of the men and women behind the movement around the world, showing the victims that they have someone to support them in times where many would not have.

Senior Juliette Prehu said,  “It is a movement that has received a great amount of attention in the past few months, due to the attention it has brought on this consequential matter. In addition I believe it has resulted in our society being more aware of the situation.”

The #Metoo movement has brought nationwide attention to towards the subject of sexual misconducts, it has put intense pressure on state governing bodies where they have been under developing strain to check rape in private working environments and inside their  working areas.