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Navigating Driver’s Education to Safety

The Village High School parking lot, photo taken by George Masters

Steering through driver’s education online or in person can be an unsettling yet necessary task for teens and students. The program is filled with videos, tests and quizzes all detailing the dangers, and the deaths of teens and adults to warn about driving and the importance of road safety. While the details may cause stress and unease to new teens unaware of dangers on the road, they serve a crucial role in preparing novice drivers to navigate chaotic and unpredictable roads that can quickly turn into grave situations.

In Texas, adolescents face grueling tasks, dedicating a minimum of 32 hours of in-class training over two weeks and 44 hours of behind-the-wheel training with a parent or guardian spectating in the car. All teens must also watch a two-hour video to complete the program to obtain their Impact Texas Teen Drivers (ITTD) certificate. These videos show the new youth the deathly outcomes of unsafe driving. The most unsettling part of the program is the ITTD videos which provide examples of how teens have died of DUI, speeding and distracted driving. 

Course Progress report on www.ParentTaughtDrivingCourse.com with the 12 lessons
required to watch and answer

The instructional videos of ParentTaughtDrivingCourse.com cover a wide range of topics essential for safe driving, including traffic laws, vehicle requirements, risk reduction methods and the dangers of distractions, alcohol and drugs. The videos may be unsettling due to some of the details of the videos and warnings given by the program. The length and how tedious the program can be with multiple stages, hours and quizzes given before the big test. Examples of real injuries and even deaths caused by ignorance, or not learning from the warnings and lessons taught by the program. They serve a necessary part in conveying the seriousness of driving responsibly and the potential consequences of careless and reckless behavior.

Despite the stress and discomfort of long hours to educate teens and the deaths resulting from the failure to heed the lessons taught in driver’s education., it is a necessary step in providing young drivers with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the roads safely. Driver’s education plays a necessary role in promoting road safety for all through the installation of personal responsibility and safety.

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