Good Notes Brings Great Possibilities


Biology notes taken by Zoe Nguyen on Good Notes 5

As the fear of spreading the virus still remains prominent, and the world slowly grows more dependent on technology, app creator Steven Chan revolutionized note-taking in a simple and aesthetic platform. Updated from its older version in January of 2020, Good Notes 5 is an online note-taking app that is only found in Apple products. It has become an increasingly popular tool in virtual students’ day to day use.

The first aspect of the platform that is prominently convenient is it’s simplistic and organized layout. Good Notes is extremely easy to sort and navigate through. It presents users with a grid or list (depending on their preferred choice) of all of the notes and documents that have been uploaded to the app. In addition, it allows the user to sort groups of documents into labeled folders for increased organization.

Good Notes stands out against other note-taking apps for a number of customization options for note-taking. It provides users with a selection of three types of pens to write with (ball, fountain, or brush pen), endless options for ink color, and different types and colors of paper(black, tan, white, dotted, squared, Cornell). 

The other tools that the note-taking app provides are also incredibly useful. The lasso tool allows the user to easily move, resize, delete, copy, and recolor masses of their notes, instead of having to rewrite minor mistakes. Good Notes 5 also has an option to search through your notes for keywords, allowing optimum efficiency. Especially for those who are taking their notes with an apple pencil, the platform is still able to read and find words through the search tool. This makes it easier to find sections of notes without having to read through everything.

Lastly, one of the most useful and convenient tools that Good Notes 5 has is the ability to upload worksheets, slideshows, photos, and other pdfs straight onto the platform. The app allows the ability to write straight on the downloaded file, and easily export information once. This is better for the environment, as there is less of a need to print out pieces of paper, and helps consolidate all student papers and notes into one document. 

I would rate this note-taking app a 5/5. For anyone who wants to become more organized, has an iPad and Apple pencil, or wants to increase the quality of their notes, Good Notes 5 is an incredible platform to use.