Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich Growing Popularity

Close-up of the sandwich


Close-up of the sandwich

If one has been alive for the past year, they should be familiar with the Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich. It was released on August 12th, 2019, but gained popularity after a tweet directed at Chick-fil-a blew up. There came a point where at some stores, the sandwich was out of stock.  As their success grew, other restaurants like KFC tried to blatantly copy the sandwich.

At a starting price of $3.99, this sandwich may seem quite pricey compared to average sandwich prices on the fast-food market. However, the chicken is marinated and battered in buttermilk coatings. Top it off with a brioche bun, mayo and pickles. Thus, it is worth every single penny you spend on it. 

The chicken and the bun has a sweetness that enriches the taste of the sandwich. When the first bite is taken, consumers ascend into crispy and crunchy heaven. Words can only describe the quality of this sandwich to a very limited extent.  Burger fans will have to try it for themselves.