Imperfect Foods is the Perfect Solution

An Imperfect Foods package delivered to a house

An Imperfect Foods package delivered to a house

Imperfect Foods, a grocery delivery company that was created in 2015, is the perfect solution for COVID-19 grocery shopping

while supporting ecological growth. Founders Benjamin Chesler, Ron Clark, and Ben Simon concentrate on decreasing the amount of food waste by saving foods that cannot be sold at the grocery stores due to their visual imperfections. 

Creating produce packages that contain ‘ugly’ yet typically flavored vegetables, meat, and other groceries, Imperfect Foods claim that their food can be up to 30% more affordable than products at your average grocery store.

Overall, the website is straightforward and easy to use. However, compared to apps like Instacart or HEB, the website does not hold the mobile convenience or accessibility that other grocery delivery services provide.

Imperfect Foods stands out because of its extreme awareness and prominent eco-friendly goals. Despite the appearance of some of the food that Imperfect Foods deliver, the taste doesn’t stray from the normal expectations of food that you would get from an ordinary grocery store. After being set on your doorstep, the packaging is fully recyclable, with no use of plastic (except ice packages for refrigerated foods).

Though they advertise that buying their groceries is cheaper than physically visiting the grocery store, they forget to acknowledge that the buyer must pay for packaging and shipping. The actual produce that Imperfect Foods sell is cheaper, but when you calculate the overall cost this shouldn’t be a focal point of why you start to order groceries from here.

All things considered, I rate this company a 4/5. Imperfect Foods has redeeming qualities but could use some work on the convenience of buying groceries.

I recommend this service to anyone that highlights the importance of decreasing food waste and trying to avoid the lines that grocery stores have due to COVID-19. Imperfect Foods is an effective way to reward ecological awareness and receive groceries simultaneously.