20 Ways to Stay Healthy and Fit During Quarantine


Arham Hassan

Keep yourself fit and entertained by trying out new sports and activities!

Most of us are stuck at home because of the coronavirus, which means that we may not be practicing healthy actions and keeping our bodies healthy. Below are 20 tips to keep your body fit! You can do it! #thisis2020

  1. Have a daily routine: Plan a mental schedule of how your day is going to go
  2. Allot time when you will go outside to play and exercise 
  3. Aim for at least 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise a day
  4. Come up with interesting ways to keep yourself entertained and fit
  5. Create silly games and small workout exercises  
  6. Start easy and slow and work your way up the intensity
  7. Challenge yourself: be determined and don’t give up that easily when trying to work out and stay fit 
  8. Try out a new sport or activity – you might like it!
  9. Don’t get overworked and stressed out
  10. Get sun exposure so your skin can absorb Vitamin D
  11. Try to find online workout videos and apps
  12. Control your sugar and fat intake 🙂
  13. Try cooking new, healthy recipes
  14. Maintain your mental health as that can also lead to a decline in physical shape
  15. Meditate and try different types of aerobics and yoga
  16. Be creative on the way you approach the topic of working out and playing outside
  17. Bring your family to play with you when possible
  18. Include your friends and challenge each other to do more
  19. Build a balanced and structured routine where you spread your time working out, doing your hobbies, studying, and relaxing with your friends
  20.  And most importantly, have FUN when doing the things you do and like!