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Athletics Unlocks a Chance at Higher Education

Photo by Aayan Nanawati of Jessie Imemba at a college signing to Texas A&M in The Village High School gym, 2/7/2024

The path to higher education and college is a big opportunity, but how can you maximize your chances to receive the benefits and opportunities of college? Many consider sports a deciding factor in college applications because of the valuable experiences and knowledge of competition through the student-athlete track a student receives. The student-athlete journey can be a life-altering decision, opening up broader opportunities in pursuing education beyond high school. As a sophomore and student-athlete planning to go through the full IB class course, I have wondered whether it is worth focusing fully on school or having a background in swimming for college. I have wondered on multiple occasions, which path would give me a toss-up of getting admitted into my chosen college?

“Sports are one more unique thing to a student’s resume, and shows that a student can do both academics and sports,” said assistant athletic director at The Village High School, Jason Cantwell. Cantwell states that sports give you a leg up above the rest and that they teach valuable skills that not only help in life but also are what colleges look for. “Sports give life lessons, such as how to power through things, work as a team, fight through adversity, to push yourself the next level, and that the world is a competitive place such as when fighting others to get into college, and sports provides that environment,” said Cantwell. “I’ve seen students get into colleges they wouldn’t normally get into without sports.” According to Cantwell, sports is a valuable experience desired by colleges that could determine acceptance. 

“I think sports are a great way to stay active and meet friends, though sports may be overwhelming, when you learn to manage your time it ends up being worth it in the end!” said Baylor University freshman and avid lacrosse player Vivian Leger. Leger was a multi-sport athlete during her time at The Village School. “Sports have been a big inspiration for me, and I used that to show Baylor my passion and something that is a big part of my life,”. The fact that she was a multi-sport athlete and had a strong passion for sports set her apart from her competition while applying to colleges and gave her the opportunity to attend Baylor.

As a sophomore and USA swimmer, I have found it difficult to focus on academics some weeks when schoolwork piles up a little more than usual. Even though school work can be stressful at times, I find that having friends that I’ve made at swim can be a lifeline that calms me down. I’ve also found that pushing myself in sports is a great way to take your mind forcefully off of negative and degrading thoughts. I have learned a lot from these activities that have helped me with connections to colleges through coaches and swim meets that take me to the colleges. From personal experience, I believe that sports are useful to get into college, and if not it is a great way to get through school and have a great time.

The path to higher education is certainly a significant opportunity in a young person’s life and sports can play a key role in boosting your possibilities of attending. As we have seen through multiple perspectives, and as a student-athlete myself, contemplating the balance between focusing on sports and academics. After gaining insights from an athlete and a respected adult in the athletic world, I think that sports are a unique addition to a student’s resume. They demonstrate the ability to excel both in the classroom and outside of it. These experiences offer valuable life lessons and skills colleges desire, potentially becoming the deciding factor in admissions.

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