Vanity Fair’s Annual Billie Eilish Interview


Thumbnail on youtube for the vanity fair interview.

For the past six years, every November 30th, Vanity fair has come out with the same interview with Billie Elish. The concept is that every year she answers the same questions, with all of her past answers also included in the video. It is a reflection of the artist’s growth over the years through her rapid gain of fame. This interview has been highly anticipated all year and is one thing her fans love most to watch. 

Some of the questions included what had been her most interesting fan moment, her favorite show, her relationship with her family and much more. I think the concept of this interview is extremely interesting and unique compared to the usual sit-down staged exchange with an artist and interviewer. These interviews are not only for her fans but for everyone, it is a very compelling project because we get to see her grow from the age 15 to 20. We also get to see her fashion choices evolve, her physical appearance change, and of course, her answers to the questions evolve.

A reason why these interviews are so popular is because it shows the artist’s progress with her mental health. She explained how much she was struggling in the earlier years and we get to see her become happier and healthier in the more recent years. Another reason this interview is admired is that the very first interview was in 2017 when the artist had just become well known for her song “Ocean Eyes’ ‘ and her responses to some of the questions asked seemed almost baffling to an audience because they are so different from her responses nowadays. She had 257,000 Instagram followers and the biggest crowd she ever performed to was 500 people. Going into the 2022 interview, she now has 107 million followers and has performed a total of 402 concerts. 

Although these online time capsules are very intriguing, the artist posted on her Instagram that this will be the last interview we will see for a while. She explained that they will still film them every year but Vanity Fair will only release them every couple of years. The reason has not been revealed, but fans are extremely sad about this decision.