Annual Homecoming Spirit Week!


Monday, September 19 through Friday, September 23 was the school’s annual spirit week for homecoming! This week was filled with many fun and creative themes. 


Monday was dress up as your favorite teacher day, which had many students dressed up in professional attire such as suits, dresses, and blazers. Tuesday was Country vs Country club. With this theme, half of the students dressed in country apparel with flannel shirts and cowboy hats while the others dressed in fancy, golf club sporty attire. A lot of tennis skirts, polos, and sweater vests were seen. Wednesday was Zoom interview day with students wearing fancy clothing on top and unprofessional bottoms. Many wore their school polos while also wearing pajama bottoms. Some even broke out their old dress uniform button-ups! Thursday was the 90s and early 2000s. Students wore many flare leggings, baby tees, and baggy shorts. Friday was the day of the homecoming game! 


The theme was blue and white to show off village pride. Freshmen and juniors wore white while sophomores and seniors wore blue. Many showed up with blue and white village clothes to show off their spirit! This week was full of fun and creative outfits!


 “This week was so fun!” Said freshman Valentina Navarro, “I had a great time dressing up with my friends and planning out outfits for each day!”