Band Masterclass at BISH


Solemei s

Band Director Mrs Siler addresses the audience.

On Thursday October 6, 2022, The Village School’s High school band, led by Mrs Siler, had their first concert of the school year at the British International School of Houston (BISH). It was a very exciting experience and was a strong start for a year that will be full of beautiful instrumental displays. It was also a great experience for the freshmen band players as it was their first concert with the advanced band. 


 “It was really fun and the first concert of the year is always the easiest and most laid back,” said senior Joao Borges, a saxophone player. “We pick a few easier pieces to help the freshmen learn jazz, solo, and improv.” 


Joao also had a very special solo that he performed. “We had been practicing a piece since last year as a duo, but my partner, Braeden Cochran, was sick so I had to perform it by myself,” said Borges. “I prepared by listening to different versions of the piece to implement some of their styles and get some ideas.” 


Although it was sudden, Joao, as well as the entire band from the percussionists to the guitar players, ended up having a phenomenal performance, “I wasn’t expecting it to go so well, but I think it went pretty good!” said Joao.

Joao Borges plays his solo. (Solemei Scamaroni)