IB Art Exhibition


Pictured is Zoe Gunter (12) standing in front of her exhibition at the IB Art Show.

On Monday, March 28, 2022, 15 IB artists showed off their work at their annual IB Art Show. Held by art teachers Selene Bautista and Max Manning, the show presented 150 artworks in a variety of different mediums including: painting, digital illustrations, installations, fashion design, animation, sculpture, drawings, and textiles.


For two years, these artists have been working on a collection of personal and unique art pieces that address topics such as personal struggles, racism, and identity. Each student was given their own exhibition where they showed all of their pieces with explanations of their artistic goals and curatorial rationale. 


“Setting up the gallery was tiring but very worth it,” said senior Zoe Gunter, an IB Artist, “It gave us an experience that we wouldn’t have gotten without them (Bautista and Manning) giving us this opportunity.” Unlike previous years where the event would take place in the VAC, this year’s show took place at MST-MATCH: Midtown Arts & Theater Center Houston, accompanied by the Village Jazz Combo.


“The location was really nice and there was a great turnout,” said Gunter “I even know a few people got commissions for their art.” With a nicer location, many teachers, parents, and students of The Village School visited the IB Art Show to see what the students have been working on. 


With talented artists and musicians, and a large turnout of teachers, students, and parents, the IB Art Show was a huge success.