Get ready for Senior sidewalk painting!


Arjun Bala Mehta (12) and Tommy Wan (12) crouching behind their respective sidewalks.

The senior sidewalk painting event took place on Saturday, April 2, 2022, an excellent and fun way to start the month of April! This is not only the first year in which the sidewalk painting event is taking place, but it is also hopefully the introduction to a new senior tradition here at the Village School! 

Earlier on, student government had sent out sign-up forms to all seniors and those who are interested in participating are required to complete them. Every participant was given their own area on the sidewalk, located near the football field. 


In addition to this, food trucks will be on campus as the seniors paint the sidewalk- present and ready for participants to nourish their hard-working bodies!


“I will be participating in the senior sidewalk event with my friends,” said senior Che Alyssa Zulaik. “I really like the concept of this event because it shows that even though I am leaving, I am still able to leave my mark on the school for others to see. I have a plan of my own about what I would like my painting to be. I am thinking about having my friends leave their handprints on my area of the sidewalk because I want my painting to be about friendship!”


This is was an amazing opportunity for seniors to reminisce about their years in high school with the people they laughed and cried with!