Exploring the Cosmos With Life Beyond


An abstract interpretation of advanced alien communication, from Life Beyond 3: In Search of Giants

The Life Beyond Trilogy is a series of Youtube documentaries created by internet filmmaker John D. Boswell (published on his Youtube channel “Melodysheep”) that explores the concept of life on a cosmic scale. Part 1, “The Dawn,” asks where life comes from and where it can flourish, and examines the possible role of the human race on the vast timeline of the universe. Part 2, “The Museum of Alien Life,” dives into the possibilities of alien biology, from aliens that almost look like us, to aliens that challenge our current definitions of what life is. Finally, part 3, “In Search of Giants,” speculates on technologically advanced aliens – how we could find them and what they might be capable of. The trilogy was published gradually over the course of 3 years, the final part on December 7, 2021.


The series is an amazing example of what happens when immense passion meets immense talent. The visuals are easiest to notice – the stunningly complex and beautiful CGI animations rival that of large-budget corporations. From distant planets to galactic megastructures, to aliens so alive it feels like you could reach out and touch them. In combination with the amazing music (also composed by Boswell), Life Beyond truly has a level of immersion that is rare to experience elsewhere. This is the aspect most talked about when it comes to Melodysheep’s productions (for good reason, it’s amazing), but it certainly isn’t the only aspect that displays Boswell’s talent. The education provided by the series is amazing – Boswell genuinely brings new stuff to the table, in part because the trilogy is free to speculate and theorize, rather than always stay in the present (anything speculative is clearly indicated as such and is backed by research). This creates a distinct feeling of freedom and unpredictability – it is truly a unique experience. 


Every time I watch a Melodysheep video, I think “how is it possible that I’m watching this for free?” The sheer amount of awe and delight I get out of these videos is out of this world, and the fact that Boswell largely created it himself makes it all the more impressive and inspiring. I give the Life Beyond Series a 10/10, for being some of the highest-effort content I have seen on Youtube, or anywhere.