Recommended Materials

Water Bottles– $6

Get a supply of water bottles to make sure you have enough water for at least three days as the hurricane may disrupt water lines.


Food Supply-$30

Acquire enough food to last three days as the streets will be flooded and leaving the house is not an option which makes going to a grocery store impossible, so stocking up on food is the only option for having a steady supply.


Handheld Radio -$60

This device will allow you to listen to what the news networks are advising and will give information on the future weather in your area without a need for a fully connected signal. This specific one can also be used as a portable charger.


Multipurpose Tool-$45

A multipurpose will always come in handy in case you don’t have the proper materials to keep yourself safe and cut yourself out of dangerous situations. This Swiss Army knife has the basic necessities for a multipurpose tool and will be able to help out a lot if needed. 


First Aid Kit-$35

A first aid kit is a must as injuries that may not be avoidable have to be treated. Because of this, it is important to purchase a first aid kit to treat these injuries.


Portable Charger-$40

Your phone is incredibly important as getting a signal at some point will allow you to receive help and let others know if you are doing alright. In case your phone runs out of battery it is important to have reserve batteries with a portable charger so that you don’t need to worry about your battery level.


Extra Batteries-$20

Extra batteries will be highly recommended as battery powered appliances that may be beneficial to keeping you safe will have reserves that can keep you powered for days.


Trash Bags-$3

Garbage bags will be necessary to keep trash and other items from piling up near your house and will assist with the post-hurricane clean up. They can also keep items safe from the water which may be important to some as there are important things they may own that are negatively affected by water.


Non-Perishable Foods-$35

It is a wise idea to keep some non-perishable foods handy in case of an emergency. It will allow you to have some food in store without any worry of it expiring soon. This will allow you to ration the food much more efficiently.



This flashlight provides a strong light with a high battery life which will allow you to have light for hours. 



A poncho will keep you safe from the rain and is incredibly portable. It will allow you to store it wherever and use it anytime you need.

Rain Boots-$14

Rain boots will keep your feet from soaking and will allow you to keep your feet dry.