Advisory, the Good, the Bad, & the Ugly


Junior Sebastian Lozano pictured in his Advisory during the period.

Day after day, students attend Advisory and go over the same meaningless activities. The monotony and sheer repetitiveness of Advisory leave most students bored and uninterested. During Advisory, students can often be found using their phones, playing games, and zoning out of the ‘lessons’ being taught. Students don’t take Advisory seriously, believing their time could be spent more productively. The past few Advisory lessons, for example, have been focused on time management and sleep wellness. All of these topics have already been covered in previous years of Advisory.                                               

“I don’t think Advisory is a productive use of students’ time, I think that a study hall would be more beneficial for students,” said junior Shrey Sahni, a former class representative. Sahni raises a fair point. With upwards of four hours of homework a night and extracurricular activities,  many students are overwhelmed.  Replacing Advisory with a mini study hall could certainly prove beneficial for students and could lighten students’ workloads. Said study hall would be significantly more beneficial than the tedious filler presentations in Advisory.

Sahni isn’t alone in his thinking. Copious amounts of students have also expressed their dislike for Advisory. “Advisory isn’t a great use of students’ time. It would be much better if we could end school 30 minutes earlier and eliminate Advisory altogether,” said junior Sebastian Lozano. “The fact that we get put into an Advisory with a bunch of randoms is really frustrating. I think students would enjoy Advisory a lot more if they could pick the Advisory that they’re in.” If students could be in advisories with their friends, Advisory would be a lot more enjoyable and students would be more engaged in Advisory lessons and discussions. 

Rather than wasting students’ time, I personally believe that Advisory should be cut from the school day, and that school should end 30 minutes earlier. Many students struggle with balancing school, extracurricular activities, and their personal lives. Ending school a little earlier would enable students to ease their workloads and get a head start on their work. Based on the opinions of my fellow students, it’s clear that Advisory is not viewed favorably by the student body, and something needs to be changed. The administration should take fresh new ideas from the student body and work to fix the currently broken Advisory system.