Miraculous Shanghai Special Review

Pictured is the cover of Miraculous Shanghai. 


Pictured is the cover of Miraculous Shanghai. 

Miraculous is a beloved, animated television series created in 2015 and aired on Disney Channel. However, a 54-minute movie called Miraculous Shanghai released on Sunday, April 4, 2021. The movie was written and directed by Thomas Astruc and Cindy Morrow.

Miraculous Shanghai follows the story of Fei, who lost a very valuable bracelet. In order for her to find it, she has to pay a vast amount of money she cannot afford. Hence, she steals from a girl named Marinette and takes belongings that are also very important to her. Eventually, they meet each other, get access to special powers, and fight a villain that has Fei’s bracelet. 

The ending is the most enjoyable part of the movie. Everything that went wrong and fell apart slowly started coming back together. Marinette’s belongings were returned to her one by one, and Fei’s bracelet was found after years. Multiple conflicts were taking place in the movie, so the ending released pent-up tension and suspense. 

The directors effectively propelled the plot in a one-hour time frame in a manner that was exhilarating and intriguing. Viewers will not lose interest for even a second. Thus, I would overall rate the Miraculous Shanghai a 5/5. Not only was the plot. So overall I would give the Miraculous Shanghai Special a 5/5. Not only was the plot highly engrossing, but I also felt many emotions throughout the movie, which is a testament to the film’s dynamic emotional arc. 

Miraculous Shanghai can be watched by anyone of any age. There is nothing inappropriate for younger people since Miraculous is a kids show. However, this special Shanghai spin-off is mainly recommended to audiences familiar with the TV series, so there is more of a general understanding regarding characters and their personalities.