Student Government’s Initiatives during a Virtual Semester


Picture by Jillian Marty

Banners made by Student Government to welcome students back on campus after online school

In the past semester, students and staff at The Village School have shown major resilience in adapting to a completely new schooling and educational environment. Thus, improving and maintaining our connections with one another has never been more important. Our Student Government has been striving to retain these interpersonal connections.

“This year has been quite the handful,” said sophomore Jay Natarajan, one of the tenth-grade class representatives. “It’s been quite interesting for Stugov this year, especially considering that we haven’t been able to meet face-to-face with any students. It was kind of hard to interact, but we definitely made a lot of progress considering we’re pretty much in an all-online fashion.”

16 students, composed of the student body President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary, alongside three class representatives for each grade level, have been working hard at undertaking initiatives that support and connect the student body. 

Since elected to their positions, Student Government members have:

  • Implemented music in the hallways
  • Formally presented composting initiatives to Village Administrators
  • Initiated the creation of the Advisory Committee
  • Ensured the Dress Code will be more inclusive in next year’s handbook
  • Met with Village Administrators every two weeks
  • Created Student Feedback Forms
  • Implemented a change in the History Curriculum
  • Increased communication through social media