Back to Campus!


A picture of The Village High School patio with students wearing masks and transitioning between classes.

2020 has passed, and The Village School has made it to the other end of the year.  After two weeks of ecstatic Christmas spirit and resolutions, it is time students returned to campus or online learning for the second semester. There are about 665 students in the high school and 412 of them are virtual.

Knowing that my second semester would involve heavy IB exam prep, I have been working to develop healthy habits that enhance my learning, productivity, and mental health,” said junior Xavian Panjwani.  “This includes practicing mindfulness meditation, reading for leisure, spending more time outdoors, and taking on a studio production internship with an artist to engage in my passion for music.

Some students are disappointed and some are thrilled to get back to learning. All students are encouraged to get their brains back into the zone and restore their drive for education, although the transition may be difficult.