Weight Room

Picture of the VAC gym where Weight Room takes place, from The Village School’s twitter account

Andy Johnson

Picture of the VAC gym where Weight Room takes place, from The Village School’s twitter account

At the beginning of the school year, the students at The Village School had Weight Room added as part of PE. Weight Room takes place in the VAC gym at the High School, where they do strength and conditioning, and it’s around an hour long. The sports teams that are currently taking part in this are football, volleyball, and dance because those are the teams for this season. However, all the sports teams do it at some point in the year. Although, there are also some rules needed to be followed. For people that plan on going to Weight Room such as the athletes that are part of a team coming next season, here is what you need to know.

Weight Room is a part of PE for many reasons. “Weight Room is to prevent the likelihood of injury. Assist in developing significant functional total body health and well-being,” said Coach Kellar. Students do a variety of different exercises that benefit them by also helping them with strength, stamina, and endurance so they will be able to perform their best at games. Coach Kellar said, “We accomplish this through appropriate exercise selection, volume, intensity levels, and tempo of work performed. We strive to enhance joint integrity, stability, strength, and power development.” Weight Room has different stations where the athletes do a different exercise. Weights will be used the majority of the time and you will need to hold different weights that are three pounds to 25 pounds. There is a section that has dumbbells, which are from 54 to around 90 pounds. Other exercises are pushups, pullups, squats, and lunches. Usually, you do eight of each exercise in three sets. 

There are quite a few rules but they are very simple to follow. You will need to have your physical turned in beforehand, otherwise you cannot come. When you enter, your temperature will be checked. If it’s above 99.5°F, you will not be allowed inside. You are required to wear a mask the entire time, even when you enter and exit the gym. Only one water bottle per athlete is allowed, and you need to have your own (sharing is not allowed). When actively exercising, students and coaches will maintain at least six feet of distance from all sides when possible. No more than eight people are allowed per session. It is recommended to shower as soon as you get home. 

Weight Room is intense and can be difficult for most people in the first few days, but each day your body gets stronger and stronger. Coach Kellar’s advice to the athletes who attend is, “Don’t be intimidated by the Weight Room or by the level of others proficiency.  Concentrate on your own development and understand that this is a process.  It will take time for improvement to occur.  We are here to assist and teach in order for everyone to achieve success and permanent positive change.”