On-Campus SAT For Village School Seniors


Students have been preparing for SAT tests by reviewing past material and taking timed practice tests.

On September 23rd, The Village School hosted an additional SAT opportunity for seniors. Due to COVID-19, testing opportunities across the country have been cancelled or are limited due to the amount of seats available. Many students at The Village School have been facing this challenge in an attempt to take the test for college admissions. “When I saw the form to sign up for the SAT at school I was so thankful,” said senior Elena Ribeiro. “My SAT tests at other schools have been cancelled four times, so I’m glad Village was able to host a test that seniors would be guaranteed entry.” The number of students was still limited, but those who did fill out the sign up form were able to attend.

The test was held in the Moore gym to allow enough spacing between students. Common safety procedures remained in effect, including masks being worn and desks placed six feet apart. “Although the test is always long and draining at times, it was a great opportunity and I’m glad I was still able to take it, even during a pandemic,” said Ribeiro.