Are the AirPods Pro Really Worth its Price Tag?


On busy rumbling streets of cities, at every hallway corner, or seemingly in any room for that matter – it seems as if anywhere one turns, it is not too hard to find someone wearing a version of the popular Apple product, the AirPods. 


First released in December 2016, the AirPods have only recently gained immense popularity, and today, the Apple AirPods Pro and AirPods 2 are the latest, trending versions of these products. Although both products may seem identical in physical appearance, they have slight, yet significant distinctions – as well as a nearly $90 difference. 


At $249, the AirPods Pro boasts a varying array of features that allow it to stand out, however are they enough to make the Pro really worth its price tag?


The AirPods Pro shares many features with the AirPods, including the H1 chip and the “Hey Siri” feature that is always on, allowing the consumer to tap into commands such as making calls or playing a song of choice. 


However, unlike its sister version, the Pro is unique in that it allows for a customizable fit and seal, unlike the one-size-fits-all model of the regular AirPods. Using the Ear Tip Fit Test, consumers are able to choose from three sizes of soft, yet flexible silicone tips that are designed to conform to the wearer’s ear shape, all while keeping the headphones secure and prioritizing comfort. 


The AirPods Pro, in addition, carries a one-of-a-kind Active Noise Cancellation system that is continuously adjusted at nearly 200 timer per second for an immersive experience. The Pro works by taking advantage of a concept known as ‘anti-noise’: While the outward-facing microphone detects external sounds around the consumer, the Pro counters it with an equal amount of ‘anti-noise’, and the inward-facing microphone also works in a similar manner by eliminating unwanted sounds inside the ear through anti-noise. Through the Transparency mode however, consumers are able to switch out of the Active Noise Cancellation system with a simple press and hold onto the force sensor of the headphones existing on the device’s stem. 


The AirPods Pro also has a superior sound quality that allows the device to fine-tune the audio through adjustments in frequency levels, as well as amplify the speakers to remove background noise. 


Most importantly however, the AirPods Pro are designed to be better resistant to nature as well. This sweat and water product carries an expanded mesh microphone port that increases the clarity of sound delivery in windy conditions, increasing the listening experience of the consumer outdoors as well 


The Active Noise Cancellation system and Transparency mode, in my opinion, are reasons enough that justify Apple’s nearly $100 bump in price between the regular AirPods and the Pro. Although it carries 0.5 hours less of listening time on one charge in comparison to its sister, the Pro is hands down a better product that is worth every penny. Not only is it customized perfectly to fit the user, but it transports consumers into a rich listening experience, one like no other before.