Party Games and Socialization

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We are living in a time where socialization and connection is harder than ever. This pandemic has kept many people physically distant from others, and this can easily lead to the less outgoing among us to fall into social isolation. Getting onto calls with friends and family can greatly help. However, if you’re anything like me, calls can feel unnatural, and you need some place to start. Something else to react to, talk about, laugh over – and electronic party games happen to be great for this. These games add parameters, objectives, and prompts to socialization, and make it much easier for the less socially-inclined to share their thoughts and be less afraid during conversations.

These party games are incredibly versatile. Obviously, parties are the main target, but they can be used anywhere where one wants interaction. In class, they can build connections and break the boredom. They can be used the same way in the workplace too – my father occasionally finds himself in business calls, messing around and getting closer with co-workers with these  games.

Party games come in all shapes and sizes, and can be used for different occasions. is a free game that is easily set up for a wide range of group sizes. It is essentially a game of modernized pictionary – you do not need to deal with the hassle of writing down a multitude of prompts, figuring out teams and scoring, and dealing with the slow monotony that can plague rounds of pictionary. is fast paced and easy, and can be played from home or over a call, which is a big plus that all of these games carry.

More inclined to a game of strategy and deception? Try your hand in the insanely popular game Among Us. Among Us, at first glance, seems like a normal video game. Walk around completing missions together as a team, and win once the missions are done. However, there are two impostors, tasked with preventing the team from winning at all costs (using murder, most likely), while staying under the radar. Hone your inner Sherlock and deduce who the faker is, or become the evil mastermind of your dreams and deceive your way to victory.

If you want a wide selection of party games to choose from, purchase one of the many Jackbox Party Packs. Each collection contains five games, that include trivia games, drawing games, improvisation games, and more. Each game is crafted with its own visually appealing art style, and unique game mechanics that only party games can have.

These games are extremely fun, and can bring out the best in people. They can spice up a family get together, or add an element of fun to what can be very lonely days of social isolation.