Should the Village School Shut Down the School After Winter Break?

Image of students at The Village School writing holiday cards for local hospitals and nursing homes.

Image of students at The Village School writing holiday cards for local hospitals and nursing homes.

The Village School has been extremely cautious when it comes to preventing the spread of the virus, however, there is still room for improvement. After winter break. It is predicted by many people that the cases will rise by a large number because of traveling and gatherings, amplifying the risk of returning to school. 

The United States just hit a record. About two weeks ago, in one period of seven days, 1,400,000 cases of covid-19 were reported. Which is an average of 2,281 deaths per day. 2,605 people died the day of 9/11. This means six times as many people died two weeks ago than one one of the deadliest days in American History. To think that the cases would rise more sounds ridiculous, and The Village School should not allow students to attend school in person. I think that it’s a great idea that after the break, people who have traveled need to quarantine and test negative for the virus in order to come back to school. Although, it would be better so just shut down the school completely. This is because school should not be running in person in the frist place when the cases are betting so high. 

Even after students get tested negative for the virus, because this virus is so unpredictable and will spread extremely fast. It’s better to be safe than sorry. The Village School should consider moving all kids to online school for the first two weeks minimum of school after the break. That way the cases will slowly start to go down and it wont be so chaotic when we go back, since people will be panicking and unsure about going back. Many parents of the students at The Village School are waiting a while after winter break, and then will send their children back on campus. Two students at The Village School have already tested positive for covid-19 and the cases were not even this high. It would be a huge risk to send kids back to school after the break.

Hopefully people take this into consideration and can understand why it would not be a good idea to have school open on campus for the students at The Village School. This is a crucial global issue and everyone would want it to be behind us. This is one way to speed up the process.