The Great Pretender: A Daring Adventure


From left to right: Cynthia Moore, Abigail Jones

On Wednesday, November 25, 2020, the second season of The Great Pretender was released on Netflix. It is an original crime-comedy Japanese anime produced by Wit Studio. It was directed by Hiro Kaburagi and written by Ryōta Kosawa. It originally was released on Netflix, ahead of its Japanese TV debut, in June 2020. 

This beautifully animated series follows the protagonist, Makoto Edamura, the top swindler in Japan. The story begins when he tries to con world-class crook Laurent Thierry and gets far more than he bargained for. Together, the two accompanied by Abigail Jones and Cynthia Moore embark together on “cases” in order to con powerful and corrupt people world-wide. Each case brings in exciting and innovating cons, all the while unfolding the backstory of each character unfold. 

One thing that never disappoints viewers throughout The Great Pretender is the stunning animation. From Singapore to Los Angeles, vibrant colors welcome you to explore fresh locations in every case.. The color palette inspires thought and adds to the story as you take in the characters, the con, and the location. The series also features beautifully animated people of color, a somewhat rare occurrence as they are often not featured in anime. In addition to that, the animations of various settings throughout the series are not only accurate but creatively rendered to the viewer.

The plot, particularly the first “case” is daring, bold, and keeps viewers on the edges of their seat. Each con is riddled with creative twists and turns that are completely unexpected but welcomed. At the end of each arc, there is a certain satisfaction in seeing the story all come together. Furthermore, the humor does not fail to impress, with serious moments being balanced out by the characters’ hysterical interactions with each other that leave viewers giggling from non-stop entertainment. 

Overall, I would recommend this TV anime series to quarantined students itching an exhilarating plot, saturated with daring ploys of adventure and beautifully drawn anime. I would rate this show a 9/10!