VSH Zoom Bombings


The Houston school district has taken action on the matter of Zoom bombings. On Tuesday, September 29, 2020, students were required to make a whole new Zoom account associated with the school due to Zoom bombings.

Being Zoom bombed is being hacked or having hackers see private information. To be cautious of getting personal information linked for others to see, students are to be aware and keep information safe from hackers or glitches. Thankfully the school district has come up with a solution to this situation, which is to have students make accounts associated with their school emails. This way the school can keep track of people entering or exiting class and keep information safe. This is beneficial, as students and teachers can send emails to each other without getting hacked. However, some students do not see a valid reason for resetting zoom accounts. “My perspective on the issue of Zoom Bombings first this is an invasion of privacy and a call for attention in efforts to disrupt a formal process of communication,” said Maria Correa Rodriguez, one The Village School’s college counselors. “Any process that can be put in place to guarantee the safety of the students and staff sharing information is important and if creating a school account is the way to do so then I feel it is a step in the right direction.”