Vikings Need to Take the Pandemic Very Seriously


The Village School students socializing near the patio.

Vikings have been away from The Village School campus for what seems like an eternity now. Participating in off-campus learning has left students a lot more spare time on their hands. The vast majority of the students seem to be taking the pandemic very seriously, most completely quarantined at home with their family. However, there are a small number of students that have chosen to go out with their peers and have a good time. While this may be fun, it also could affect the 2020-2021 academic year at The Village School. 

COVID-19 has been spreading rapidly throughout the world, and The United States now leads the world in confirmed cases.  However, less than one percent of the Texas population has been tested for the virus, so any number of people could be infected or carriers, however, what does that have to do with Vikings? To make sure students will be able to return to The Village School campus next year, it is important that Vikings practice social distancing. It is also important that Vikings wear a mask and gloves when they leave the house for essentials like groceries. The reality of the situation is that if we do not follow these rules and procedures, the next academic year could be drastically affected. Consequences include starting later, having to wear masks to school, or the continuation of off-campus learning. 

“Social distancing is important to guarantee safety and healthiness for everyone around us,” said junior Laila Darwish. “It needs to be taken seriously so that we can return to our normal lives and school next year.”

For the class of 2020, senior year has already been impacted in the worst way, however, if proper precautions are taken, it will ensure that the class of 2021 isn’t affected the same way. 

“Everyone knows that quarantine sucks, but please stay inside so we don’t have two canceled semesters,” said junior Casey Havlinek. “Let the 21’ seniors reign!”

Once again, all Vikings are urged to stay at home and only go out when absolutely essential. Along with that, students are encouraged to practice good hygiene, wash hands frequently, avoid touching the face, and wear a mask in public! If all these precautions are taken, the next academic year  will return to normal  .